Kosher Dining Options

Wilder Dining Hall offers Kosher meal service three meals a day, seven days a week.  Wilder’s menus incorporate a large cross-section of Middle Eastern and south Asian cultural dishes and include up to five (5) entrees each day plus all of the accompaniments. This dining facility, including the dining room, servery and kitchen are maintained in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

The daily menus are very similar to the other dining facilities on campus with a few exceptions that are noted below:

  • Meat and dairy items cannot be mixed nor consumed at the same meal.
  • The menus cannot contain pork, pork products, certain kinds of fish, or shellfish of any kind.
  • Dinnerware, glasses, mugs, food containers or silverware of any kind can not be removed from or brought into the dining room. This preserves the integrity of ensuring that all items are, and remain Kosher.

Wilder is available to all students as a dining option either through their board plan or by paying the guest meal rate with cash, student charge, Dining Dollar$ or MHCXpress account.