Nutritive Analysis

When you are viewing our menus on the Web site, you have the option to view the nutritional information for any of our listed menu items.  This is done by using the Nutritive Analysis Module available in our food service software system, FoodPro, a product from Aurora Information Systems, for any item listed.  The FoodPro Nutritive Analysis Module provides the capability to analyze ingredients, recipes, and menus by nutritive components.  The FoodPro Nutritive Analysis Module accesses data from the USDA Standard Release database or ESHA Research's The Food Processor SQL.

In addition to nutritive data, we are able to track potential allergens (as defined by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004) for all of our inventory items and recipes.  Allergens are displayed on the Food Labels in this module that can be seen when you click on any menu item. The labels conform to the USDA's latest set of Food Label regulations.

To help educate consumers about nutrition, this module provides FoodPro's Nutrition Tips as a way to communicate information facts and fun trivia about nutrition.  You will find this anytime you log onto our menus - it is located to the left of the Food Pyramid.

To access menus and nutritional information:

  1. Visit the menu page
  2. Select a dining location
  3. Click on the Nutritive Analysis icon
  4. Check (v) the menu item(s) for which you want the nutritional information
  5. Select show.  This will generate a nutritive report listing:
  • Recipe description
  • Portion size
  • Nutrients & their content
  1. Select the item under recipe description in the nutritive report to view the nutrition label which lists:
  • All of the items in the nutritive report
  • Ingredients and any allergens

To set allergen filters to show which menu items either "contain" or "does not contain" the respective allergen(s):

  1. Click on set allergen filter in upper right corner of screen
  2. The set allergens filter pop-up will appear on left side of screen
  3. Select allergens
  4. Click apply