MHC Student Garden

Dining Services and the Student Garden have enjoyed a long-standing working relationship.  Dining Services has enjoyed working with the students to be able to feature and use the yield from their harvest at our annual Sustainable Gracious Dinner at the end of September.  We have used pumpkin, squash, basil and potatoes.  During the spring semester, we meet with students to discuss which crops would be best to grow for the dinner and for use in our regular menus.  We also meet during the summer to discuss and monitor crop yields and the utilization of other produce that may be ready to be harvested prior to the gracious dinner.  For example, one year, the student garden had a bumper crop of basil and we were able to make enough pesto for the entire first semester.  When Dining Services uses any crop from the student garden, we pay the student garden the same price we would pay for that time from our produce vendor.  For more information about the student garden, go to: .