What's New in Dining Services

What's New in Dining Services this Year???

Board Plan Changes: 

  • Each full board student will receive 3 guest meal passes per semester in order to give you more flexibility when you have guests on campus and when using your $30 of Dining Dollar$.
  • The lunch and dinner meal swipe value for Blanchard Cafe has been increased to $7.50.  

Rockefeller Dining Hall will be:

  • Opening earlier for luncheon meal service at 11:00 AM, Monday-Thursday to give students meal access to an all-you-care-to-eat dining facility.
  • Featuring fresh fruit, vegetable, and herb infused flavored waters.

Abbey-Buckland Dining Hall:

  • Expanded offering Halal meat menu options on Tuesdays and Thursdays to include both lunch and dinner meal service. 

Ham Dining Hall is open until 7:30 PM, Monday thru Thursday, for dinner meal service starting Monday, 9/1.

Dining Services Environmental Initiative:

  • All student will be given a reusable MHC Dining Services Beverage Bottle.
  • Help us save water, electricity and detergent by using your new bottle instead of our china & paper cups for all your hot & cold beverages in the dining halls, at Blanchard Cafe

Blanchard Cafe'

  • Increased the lunch and dinner meal swipe value to $7.50.
  • Salad sensations now offers soup as an option in the salad specials.
  • All of our stations have new signage to better define your menu options.
  • New items have been added to the menus - for example, sauteed seasonal greens, grain du jour, baked sweet potato, some gluten free options
This year we are piloting Sunday night M&Cs in Blanchard Great Room beginning Sunday, September 14th and continuing throughout the year.  This will include:
  • Extended to one (1) hour:  9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Expanded menu options:   Your Favorite Desserts
                                              Vegan Desserts
                                              Gluten Free Desserts (available upon request)
                                              Rotating Options that would include items like fresh fruit
  • Beverages
  • Occasional Entertainment

M&Cs - Monday - Thursday

  • Will continue to be offered in the residence halls from 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Featured M&Cs menu rotation will offer the more popular baked items from our own MHC bakery.
  • Beverages will include boxed juice and 2% milk in the residence halls that do not have dining centers.  All open dining centers will be offering their regular beverage assortment that they have in the past.