Brian Wermcrantz


  • Visiting Instructor in Philosophy
Brian Wermcrantz, Visiting Instructor in Philosophy

Brian earned his undergraduate degree from Grinnell College where he acquired a real passion for teaching and education. He then taught English and psychology abroad for two years with Fulbright Korea. Back in Massachusetts, he did a master's in philosophy at Brandeis University and is now a finishing his PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

His research interests are in epistemology, which is the branch of philosophy concerned with rationality and knowledge. More specifically, he’s interested in how our best theories of rational belief should accommodate evidence that makes us doubt our own rational abilities (e.g. disagreement, bias, evidence of unreliability, or, in general, any form of self-doubt). Brian is particularly interested in how empirical work can shed light on this topic.

Areas of Expertise

Epistemology and Cognitive Science