Jenny VanWyk

  • Visiting Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Jenny VanWyk

Jenny VanWyk is a community ecologist and entomologist. Her research addresses factors that govern community dynamics for native bee populations, including disease transmission, plant-pollinator networks, environmental stressors, and community response to human disturbances. She focuses on how plant and insect traits mediate species interactions, and how these interactions – both mutualistic and antagonistic – affect bee population dynamics and broader ecological outcomes.


  • Ph.D., University of California, Davis
  • B.A., Vassar College

Recent Publications

Van Wyk, JI, AM Lynch, LS Adler. 2022. Manipulation of multiple floral traits demonstrates role in pollinator disease transmission. Ecology.

Van Wyk, J. I., Amponsah, E. R., Ng, W. H., & Adler, L. S. (2021). Big bees spread disease: body size mediates transmission of a bumble bee pathogen. Ecology, e03429.

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