Liz van Cleef

  • Lecturer

Elizabeth (Liz) Van Cleef is a math coach in Arlington, Massachusetts. She received a Masters of Science in Teacher Education from the Bank Street College of Education, taught grades two through six in New York City, Denver, Colorado, and New London, Connecticut, and worked on the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space project at TERC in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Liz developed workshops for teachers and supported the implementation of the Investigations curriculum both nationally and internationally. She consults nationwide to bolster improvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and has been part of the SummerMath for Teachers (now Mathematics Leadership Programs) since 1999. Liz has worked as a math coach for 20 years and is happy to be validating the work of MLP at Mount Holyoke during the school year and in the summer.


  • M.S., Bank Street College of Education