Multicultural Community and College Life Committee

The Multicultural Community and College Life Committee (MCCL) is a group of faculty, students, staff, and administrators who meet biweekly during the academic year to discuss issues of diversity, inclusion, and campus climate brought forth by members of the Mount Holyoke community. It advises the Dean of Students on activities and policies to foster an inclusive community that:

  • respects group and individual differences.
  • serves the intellectual, educational, and social needs of its members.

The committee also oversees the selection of projects to receive Inclusiveness Initiatives Funding (IIF) and ensures appropriate distribution of grants.

All members of the MCCL invite you to contact them with comments or concerns pertaining to diversity, inclusion, and campus climate.


  • 4 Faculty: From different divisions. One member elected by ballot by the Faculty each year. Term is 3 yrs.
  • 3 Non-faculty Staff: chosen as directed by Staff Council
  • 3 Students: chosen as directed by SGA
  • Administrators: Dean of Students, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty Chair

  • Chosen by continuing and incoming committee members each April.

Responsibilities and Authority

This Committee shall determine its agenda by choosing among issues brought to it by students, faculty, and staff.

  1. Advise the Dean of the College on activities and policies fostering an inclusive community that respects group and individual differences, and that serves the intellectual, educational, and social needs of its members. 
  2. Advise and oversee committees addressing all aspects of College life under the jurisdiction of the Dean of Students, including those that relate to the development of a more culturally diverse community life, and/or involving issues of student co-curricular and residential life.
  3. Review, monitor, and propose College policies to assure that all practices at Mount Holyoke are unbiased and to provide ongoing anti-bias education throughout the institution.
  4. Create permanent subcommittees, and temporary task forces and ad hoc committees when needed, and appoint Faculty, when needed, to serve as members or chairs of such entities. 
  5. Receive, review, and act on reports from all subcommittees, ad hoc committees, and task forces under its jurisdiction.
  6. Maintain a list of current subcommittees, task forces, and ad hoc committees under its jurisdiction, and publish that list for the College community.
  7. Meet regularly with the Trustee Committee on Student Affairs.
  8. Solicit from the College community suggestions and concerns relevant to the Committee's charge.


The Committee shall meet regularly throughout the academic year; set up subcommittees, ad hoc committees, and task forces as appropriate; and act on reports and recommendations from all entities under its jurisdiction. One of these entities shall be a subcommittee on the inclusiveness program.


the Committee shall submit to the Faculty an annual written report on the issues addressed and the advice given to be distributed with the agenda of the May Faculty Meeting.

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