Asian Center for Empowerment

The Purpose of the Asian Center for Empowerment 

The Asian Center for Empowerment, commonly known as the "ACE", serves as a space that provides support, education, community and a meeting spot for students within the Asian diaspora (including but not limited to Asian, Asian American and South Asian).

Advisor: Erica Weathers, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

The History of the Asian Center for Empowerment

The Asian Center for Empowerment was officially opened on October 3, 1998. It came about through the struggles of students for over a decade. The goal of empowerment focuses on keeping the Asian/Pacific Islander, South Asian, and Asian American history alive, and learning from and about each other’s perspective and heritage. Although the house is used by Asian, South Asian and Asian American ethnic, cultural and political organizations on campus, it also serves as meeting space, a support space and a space where people can gather and socialize.

Affiliated Student Organizations

The ACE House
Photo of the Asian Center for Empowerment

The ACE House is located at 15 Woodbridge Street in South Hadley.

Kelly Lam ”22

For more information about the Asian Center for Empowerment, contact Kelly Lam ’22 Cultural Center Assistant for the ACE.

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