The Eliana Ortega Center

The Purpose of Ortega Center is to serve as a home away from home for students that share a Latina identity in addition to serving as a valuable resource for those in Latin American academic studies.

Eliana Ortega Cultural Center History

The center is named after Eliana Ortega, Professor Emeritus and co-founder of La-Unidad. Ortega House was officially opened on the evening of November 15, 1995. Prior to the spring of 2000, the Ortega Center was mainly used by the La Unidad, an organization of self-identified Latina Women. But in spring 2000, MEChA-an organization which concentrates on political issues not necessarily limited to self identified Latina- was created.

Cultural Center Assistant
Gabby Hernandez, 2016

The orgs affiliated with Eliana Ortega Center are:
La Unidad