Frequently Asked Questions

About Real Talk/Intergroup Dialogue

During this Interactive day of Intergroup and Intragroup dialogue, participants will be given an opportunity to explore their race and ethnicity and better understand the extent to which their race and ethnicity impacts all they do by engaging in conversations surrounding power and privilege that will challenge and support them in their journey towards understanding how they each individually- impact the Mount Holyoke College community. By the end of this session participants will be able to :
(1) Name dominant and subordinate group patterns and articulate identities that fall into those categories.
(2) Articulate a shared vocabulary that enables them to engage in conversations surrounding power and privilege
(3) Discuss and outline the steps on tracking individual and group experiences.

What is Intergroup and intragroup Dialogue?
Intergroup Dialogue is intended to be a supportive space in which participants (and facilitators) can come to a clearer understanding of their relationship to their identity and how that identity impacts their experience of oppression 

Intergroup Dialogue is intended to be a space in which each participant can work towards being aware enough of their socialization to transform their relationship to the structure of oppression, thereby transforming the structure itself. Intergroup Dialogue is meant to empower participants towards the creation of a more just world in which people choose their own path in life rather than unknowingly behaving according to their assigned roles.

Intragroup Dialogue is intended to provide a supportive space for participants with similar experiences to explore the complexities of their specific social identity

How much is the time commitment?
Although the previous IGD Program at Mount Holyoke was a 8 week series, Real Talk Intra/ Intergroup Dialogue is a ONE TIME COMMITMENT. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH, 10AM-4PM. If this event is successful, we will explore the future development of an 8 week IGD series.

Can I choose which Intragroup Dialogue I attend?
Yes. This is on the online participant form. Remember that the Intragroups are intended to provide a supportive space for participants with shared experiences to explore the complexities of their specific social identity. Therefore, we encourage you to choose an Intragroup in which shares the same or similar experiences.

Do I have to attend the entire day?
Yes. Part of Intra/ Intergroup Dialogue is building connection and community; therefore, we need participants to committing to attending the entire session.

I’m not a good listener – should I even bother joining?
Most definitely! We all have work that we can do towards being better listeners and communicators in general. You will not be alone in seeking new tools to communicate, connect, and understand yourself and others better.

Who leads the dialogues?
The Real Talk Intra/ Intergroup Dialogue will be lead by Mount Holyoke College faculty and professional staff.

Are all 5 college students allowed to participate?
Yes. We welcome students from Smith, UMass, Hampshire, and Amherst.

What do we do each session?
Each session of dialogue is different but you can expect opportunities to share your own experiences and perspectives, listen to others, receive some insight of the topic being covered, and have fun with your peers.