When asked, “In what ways, if any has this experience impacted other aspects of your life at MHC?” former participants responded...

  • “This group has completely impacted my life at Mount Holyoke I enjoyed meeting new people and engaging in thought provoking dialogue with them. I had a lot of “fuel for thought” that stemmed from our meetings. It has solidified my intent on participating in any community I live in after graduation and in becoming persistent about fighting racism and being aware of other issues other than race that exist in America as well.”
  • “I am more willing to say how I feel about things in my classes even though I may feel like what I have to say reveals a lot about me. In other words, I am more willing to take risks in dialogue. It also seems as though somehow I have been having deeper and more meaningful dialogues with people who I never thought I could have sensible conversations with.”
  • “Intergroup dialogue has definitely changed the way I interact with my friends. As an ALANA student I thought that my white friend or just white people would not be able to understand or discuss white privilege. But in my group there were women who were and so I know it that it can be done. I am also a lot more attuned to the statements made by my fellow students and feel comfortable enough to now talk about it.”
  • “It is easier for me to ask people to define what they are saying and challenge ideas a little more. I also feel more confident in my own perspectives and more welcome for other perspectives.”
  • “I feel that I have grown so much. I would never have been able to speak to people so openly and engage in dialogue so readily if not for my experience with Intergroup Dialogue. I often find myself initiating dialogues with peers that I have never spoken to before.”