An invitation to a special Ramadan event

April 21, 2022 

Dear members of the campus community, 

It is a very important time for Muslim students, faculty, staff and alums who are engaged in a period of fasting, reflection and prayer during the holy month of Ramadan which ends this year on May 1, 2022. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. During Ramadan many Muslims wake up early to eat a pre-dawn meal called Suhoor, abstain from food and water and  break their fast each evening with a meal at sundown referred to as Iftar. As Muslims recognize the significance of self-discipline, compassion and the deepening of their faith throughout this month, non-Muslims can demonstrate their solidarity and broaden their own development and awareness of Islam and Ramadan through education and support. 

The College invites community members to a special evening of engagement, reflection and support with our Muslim colleagues and friends on campus on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. We are proud to welcome thought leader, professor and scholar Haroon Moghul for an important talk entitled, “Slow Answers to Urgent Prayers: What I Wish I Knew 20 Years Ago.” 

Moghul is the author of “How to be a Muslim: An American Story” (2017) and the recently released “Two Billion Caliphs: A Vision of a Muslim Future” (2022). He is also a one-time stand up comic in New York City (literally, just that one time) and an award-winning journalist and opinion columnist. His essays have been featured in The New York Times, NPR’s Fresh Air, CNN, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy and the Guardian, among many others. Moghul has spent years working to build bridges between faith communities. 

The evening’s events — made possible by the Office of Community and Belonging and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with co-sponsorship from the Weissman Center for Leadership, the Division of Student Life and the Muslim Student Association — will end with a prayer and a special Iftar. There will be a book signing immediately following the gathering. 

The College has an active Muslim Student Association on campus advised by the Muslim chaplain, Elizaveta Lozovaya, who each week leads Jummah prayer and lunch on Fridays at the Eliot House. We are grateful to all of the College’s chaplains and student leaders who ensure that Mount Holyoke has a vibrant interfaith community. Ramadan Mubarak to all who are celebrating! 

With my deepest gratitude,