The Jeannette Marks Center

Purpose of Jeannette Marks Center
The Marks Center serves the MHC community identifying as sexual and gender minorities as well as their allies.

Jeannette Marks Cultural Center History
Cultural space for non-heterosexual students became a reality in 1999 with the opening of the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Community Center on 5 Faculty Lane, across from Dickinson. After working with members of the administration, students were granted space, and they selected 5 Faculty Lane from several available buildings. Renovations to the house, including changes to make it wheelchair-accessible and conversion of the garage into a multi-purpose meeting area, were completed over the summer. In total, the trustees allocated S60,000 for the creation of this space, including $15,000 for the purchase of furniture.

Cultural Center Assistant
Michelle Araque-Peréz 

The orgs affiliated with Jeannette Marks Center are: 

Gender Plus

Coalition for Asexual/Aromantic Awarness (CFAA)