The Jeannette Marks Center

Purpose of the Jeannette Marks Cultural Center

The Jeannette Marks Center, commonly known as "the Marks House", provides support, resources, programming, for LGBTQIA+ MHC students and their allies.

The History of the Jeannette Marks Center

Cultural space for non-heterosexual students became a reality in 1999 with the opening of the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Community Center on 5 Faculty Lane, across from Dickinson. After working with members of the administration, students were granted space, and they selected 5 Faculty Lane from several available buildings. Renovations to the house, including changes to make it wheelchair-accessible and conversion of the garage into a multi-purpose meeting area, were completed over the summer. In total, the trustees allocated S60,000 for the creation of this space, including $15,000 for the purchase of furniture.

The Jeannette Marks Cultural Center
Photo of the Jeannette Marks House

The Jeannette Marks Cultural Center is located at 5 Faculty Lane East, across from Dickinson Hall.

Paige Osborne ’23, Program Assistant for the Jeanette Marks Cultural Center

Program Assistant: Paige Osborne ’23
Major: Sociology and Africana Studies

Kyung Ju Lee ’24, Building Manager of the Jeanette Marks Cultural Center

Building Manager: Kyung Ju Lee ’24
Major: International Relations

Open Hours and Upcoming Events