MCCL Committee Members

MCCL welcomes community input. Please feel free to contact the whole committee, or individual representatives.

Student Committee Members

Sabine Afodanyi ’20
Yunxuan (Emma) Chen ’22
Dayishaa Daga ’22
Paola Granados Jaramillo ’22

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Micha Broadnax

Reference & Digital Projects Archivist

Latrina L. Denson

Associate Dean of Students for Community and Inclusion
Latrina Denson

Ted Gilliland

Assistant Professor of Economics

Ted Gilliland studies natural resource management and wildlife conservation. His work combines tools from economics, ecology and natural history. In a current research project, he uses bioeconomic and local general equilibrium models to predict how fisheries management policies in the Philippines will affect poverty and the environment. He teaches courses on environmental and natural resource economics and econometrics.

Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music

Olabode Festus Omojola

Five College Professor of Music; Chair of Music

Olabode Omojola teaches ethnomusicology, with special interests in the music of African and African Diaspora communities. As an ethnomusicologist, Omojola’s research employs ethnographic fieldwork methods in the process of understanding how music is conceptualized, practiced and interpreted within their cultural contexts; the relationships between music and social life; the roles of individual musicians and groups as culture producers; and how musical traditions reflect and respond to changes within a society, including those occasioned by global forces.

Olabode Festus Omojola in front of a tree in spring

Barbara Rotundo

Program and Lab Coordinator
Barbara Rotundo

Jared Schwartzer

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education; on leave spring 2020

Using preclinical models, Jared Schwartzer studies the interaction of the immune system and nervous system during brain development in utero, and the effects of these interactions on behavior during postnatal development. Much of his research is inspired by clinical and epidemiological trends observed in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. In the Schwartzer Lab, specialized techniques from neuroimmunology and behavioral neuroscience come together to explore how changes in the mother’s immune system influence social behavior in offspring.

Jared Schwartzer, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor

Audrey St. John

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Motivated by computational challenges arising in robotics, biology and computer aided design, Audrey St. John’s research focuses on building theoretical foundations and developing efficient algorithms for geometric problems. She has received a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation to support her work on autonomous multi-robot formations. St. John also works on activities to broaden participation in computer science and STEM, including creating low-risk hardware experiences through the makerspace and helping to develop MaGE, an inclusive academic peer mentorship program (funded by Google’s CS Capacity program).

Audrey St. John

Donna Van Handle

Senior Lecturer in German Studies

Donna Van Handle is Senior Lecturer in German Studies. Her specialities include cross-cultural education & learning, second language acquisition, & the use of technology in language teaching & research. She follows the principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID) when designing & teaching her classes. UID considers the needs of all learners, including those who have documented disabilities, in the belief that everyone can benefit from such an approach. Students have 24/7 access to online materials in many formats (video, audio, text, etc.), featuring different approaches to the material in order to accommodate various learning styles and/or disabilities while preserving academic rigor.

Donna Van Handle

Lori Widmer-Hinckley

Assistant Registrar