DEI Advisory Committee Members

DEI Advisory welcomes community input. Please feel free to contact the whole committee, or individual representatives.

Student Committee Members

Paola Granados Jaramillo ’22
Earl Wren ’24
Lasya Priya Rao Jarugumilli ’23
Valeria Serna-Solis ’23
Achol Otto ’24

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Micha Broadnax

Reference & Digital Projects Archivist

Latrina L. Denson

Associate Dean of Students, Community and Belonging
Latrina Denson

Ted Gilliland

Assistant Professor of Economics

Ted Gilliland is a natural resource economist. His research focuses on natural resource management, poverty, and the intersection between these two topics. To carry out his work, he combines theory and empirical techniques from economics, ecology, and natural history. He teaches courses on environmental and natural resource economics and econometrics.

Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music

Ariya Lawson

Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

Mount Holyoke College is one of the most life-changing and vibrant cultures that you could choose to explore. As an MHC alumna and firm believer in the strength and importance of a women’s college education, I am proud to be among individuals who are passionate about their work and strive to be the best. The tenacity of the students and their willingness to engage new challenges and increasing diversity is empowering. Every year, our incoming students add to the energy and strength of our dynamic community and I am excited to be a part of building each new class.

Ariya Lawson

Olabode Festus Omojola

Hammond-Douglass Five College Professor of Music

Olabode Omojola teaches ethnomusicology, with special interests in the music of African and African Diaspora communities. As an ethnomusicologist, Omojola’s research employs ethnographic fieldwork methods in the process of understanding how music is conceptualized, practiced and interpreted within their cultural contexts; the relationships between music and social life; the roles of individual musicians and groups as culture producers; and how musical traditions reflect and respond to changes within a society, including those occasioned by global forces.

Olabode Festus Omojola in front of a tree in spring

Barbara Rotundo

Student Learning Initiatives Manager and Lab Instructor

Barbara Dalton Rotundo trains and manages the Computer Science Department’s undergraduate teaching assistants and peer mentors. Her work emphasizes the role that social identities play in a student’s sense of belonging in a learning space. She is also a Lab Instructor for Introduction to Computer Science and Introduction to Computing Systems. Her other interests include human centered design, hydroponic vegetable gardening, and the later works of Henry James.

Barbara Rotundo

Jared Schwartzer

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education; Chair of Neuroscience and Behavior

Using preclinical models, Jared Schwartzer studies the interaction of the immune system and nervous system during brain development in utero, and the effects of these interactions on behavior during postnatal development. Much of his research is inspired by clinical and epidemiological trends observed in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. In the Schwartzer Lab, specialized techniques from neuroimmunology and behavioral neuroscience come together to explore how changes in the mother’s immune system influence social behavior in offspring.

Jared Schwartzer, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor

John Tawa

Assistant Professor of Psychology

John Tawa studies the role of race in intergroup interactions; his past research includes studies on how resource competition impacts relations between minority groups, and the influence of racial essentialism on intergroup behaviors. Methodologically, Tawa is interested in directly assessing people's "real-time" behavior through virtual technology. For example, his past research has used the virtual world Second Life to study racial interactions. He is currently developing a study using virtual reality to examine racial bias in police use of lethal force.

John Tawa, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Lori Widmer-Hinckley

Assistant Registrar

Lori Widmer-Hinckley is responsible for transfer credit evaluation and posting credits for AP/IB/etc pre-matriculation work, senior evaluations and graduation clearance, advisor reassignment, registration processing for Five College students enrolling in Mount Holyoke courses, and classroom reservations for courses. (she/her)