Reservation Policies and Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines

The cultural centers are available for reservation for all members of the Mount Holyoke College community, but there are guidelines in place so that the centers remain safe, clean, and respectable spaces for the communities that the centers serve, as well as, the larger campus community.  For a detailed description, refer to the policies below or download the following guidelines available below: 

Cultural Center Reservation and Policy Guidelines
Cultural Center Policy and Guidelines Checklist

Reserving the Cultural Centers

Cultural Center reservations are coordinated by Conference and Event Services, the Dean of Student’s Office, and Student Involvement.

  • All student organizations, academic/and professional departments must reserve the Cultural Centers by contacting Conference and Event Services.
  • All student organizations must be officially registered and currently recognized as a Mount Holyoke Student Organization prior to submitting a Cultural Center reservation request. For more information, contact the Office of Student Involvement.
  • All affiliated student organizations, meetings, programs, and events are granted priority as long as they adhere to the campus-wide reservation policy and affiliated student organization Cultural Center policy and guidelines during the set affiliated hours.
  • All affiliated student organization events other than meetings or private socials require an Event Registration Form. For more information, contact the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Non-affiliated student organizations and Academic/ professional departments may reserve the Cultural Centers as long as they adhere to the campus-wide reservation policy and Cultural Center policy and guideline. PLEASE NOTE:  THESE RESERVATIONS CAN ONLY BE GRANTED DURING CULTURAL CENTER PROGRAMMING HOURS.  Please contact Conference and Event Services or the Dean of Students Office for Programming Hours days and times. (Exemptions may apply to some regularly scheduled Academic courses/ lectures).
  • When Conference & Event Services makes a reservation in a Cultural Center, they will notify the Assistant Dean of Students prior to sending a confirmation and copy of the Cultural Center Guide-lines to the reserving party.
  • The Conference & Event Services Coordinator will generate a Cultural Center usage report every Friday and send it to the Assistant Dean of Students. This report will show all events scheduled in all Cultural Centers for a two week period.
  • All non-affiliated student organizations and academic/ professional departments must pay at $20.00 fee for kitchen and house supplies prior to using the space. (Exemptions may apply to some regularly scheduled Academic courses/ lectures).
  • All who reserve the Cultural Centers will be held responsible for the clean-up of the facilities based on the Cultural Center Check-list. Failure to do so may result in an $80.00 cleaning fee.  A repeat of these violations will result in loss of privileges.

General Cultural Center Use Guidelines

  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Please turn off lights, shut doors and windows when you leave.
  • Return furniture to original placement.
  • All the items that belong to the centers should not leave the building (with the exception of the library policies).
  • Share the space and be aware of other people’s and group spaces.
  • Be inclusive and welcoming to all.
  • Overnight visits are not allowed.
  • All meetings, programs, and events must end no later than 11:00pm and the cultural center must be vacant no later than 12:00am.
  • No alcohol, drugs, or sexual activities in the Cultural Centers.
  • If something breaks any guidelines or policies, report it to the student staff or Assistant Dean of Students. (Each student staff member’s contact information is on the bulletin board) In case of emergency (leaking roof or gas, allergy attack, etc.) call Public Safety and Service or Facility Management.
    • Public Safety and Service: 413-538-2304
    • Facility Management: 413-538-2012
  • Follow library loan polices.  Please return all books. (Applicable only to the Marks Cultural Center)
  • Post fliers on appropriate bulletin boards.
  • Do not remove or rearrange any pictures, signs, posters, decorations, or furniture.
  • Cultural Center Printers are available for all students, faculty, and staff; however, you must provide your own paper. Paper located in the office is for Cultural Center Student Employees only!
  • Respect the guidelines.
  • Enjoy the centers appropriately

General Kitchen Guidelines:

  • Students, faculty and staff, regardless of your affiliation, must adhere to the Mount Holyoke College policies and procedures regarding catering and food handling. For more information, contact the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Throw away all trash and recyclables in bins outside on the porches.
  • Clean stove after use
  • Sweep and vacuum floors. This includes mopping up any and all spills.
  • Note missing cleaning items (dishwashing liquid, etc.) on the Needs List posted on the bulletin board.
  • Wash, dry and store away all dishes, pots and pans after use.
  • Label all the food stored in the refrigerator and/ or cabinets with NAME and DATE. Any food which is unlabeled, open and there is a possible chance for contamination, or beyond the expiration date will be disposed immediately.
  • Do not take anything from the refrigerator without permission from the owner.
  • Make sure that all the furniture in the kitchen is in its original position.

General Refrigerator/Freezer Rules:

  • Any food that is not labeled will be disposed immediately.
  • All prepared food must be DISCARDED.
  • KEEP THE REFRIGERATOR NEAT AND TIDY. Do not put leaking or uncovered food in the refrigerator.

The cultural Centers are expected to remain in a clean, orderly, respectable state. Indivisuals or organizations who reserved the space and/or were last in the space will be held accountable and charged a cleaning fee of $80.00. A repeat of these violations will result in loss of privileges.Cultural Center Photos:

Each of the houses have wonderful resources and facilities such as a full kitchen and living room space that are accessible when reserved.  Take a look inside the houses and enjoy some of our exciting programming available throughout the school year:

Betty Shabazz House
Eliana Ortega House
Jeannette Marks House
Zowie Banteah House
Asian Center for Empowerment 

For more information, questions, or concerns, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 413-538-2550 or Latrina L. Denson at