Diversity and Inclusion for Students

Diversity and Inclusion is about our racial identities and so much more. Because we do not just show up in class, conversations, relationships and around campus as simply as raced beings, it is our aim to embrace the multiple identities of race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, ability, age, sex, and religious and faith identity and the ways in which those identities can move us to greater connection and communication, rather than polarize us. It is our vision to have a Mount Holyoke College campus community that is working toward transformation through social justice and identity awareness.

To move us toward that vision, we have these goals and objectives:

  • To provide programs and services which encourage a campus community which embraces “dialogue through difference” – not just dialogue “across” difference
  • To provide programs which connect social justice to leadership development that assist students to excel and achieve more in their academic endeavors
  • To offer support and leadership to students of all identities to be empowered and aware of their identities
  • To offer support to students who have targeted identities to unlearn internalized oppression.
  • To provide extra-curricular education that moves the campus in the direction of anti-oppression, appreciation and understanding of differences, and celebration of those differences
  • And, to create spaces of safety, learning, respect, celebration, and change within the cultural centers