Let's Talk About It!

Let’s Talk About It! is a student forum and dialogue opportunity students to dialogue with staff and faculty about issues of social justice, diversity and community impacting our lives at Mount Holyoke. Formerly known as the Multicultural Student Forum, Let’s Talk About It! is a work in progress that it is shaped by those who participate.

What is it?

Briefly stated, students get to engage with each other and selected staff and faculty about topics involving social justice, diversity, community, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability…and so much more. The title, Let’s Talk about It! comes from the societal belief that there are some topics involving issues of difference and diversity that are off limits. This forum/dialogue group encourages us to engage with the topics with the people that we often want to hear from…each other. Sometimes it will be wide open conversations with participants, sometimes there will be hot topic agendas, and sometimes guests will be invited in to learn and share (college president, alumnae, administrators, faculty, staff, etc.).


Keeping it as *real* as we can, keeping *communication* lines open, bringing what's up into *dialogue*, and supporting individual and group *action* for positive change in our community. Learning together. Teaching each other. Learning from invited mentors. Passing information about "multicultural community" concerns to administration and others in the campus community. Hearing from administration on topics that concern us. Sustaining a body of *engaged* student *voices* committed to a vital diversity and inclusiveness agenda at MHC.


Any MHC student who wants to participate. Especially encouraged are students who want to engage in this work, but are not necessarily affiliated with student orgs. Also encouraged are representatives of the registered cultural student orgs and cultural houses. It is not essential that org chairs be those representatives. You do not have to attend every session to be an active participant - come and go as you feel inspired.


Contact us for details.

Staff Mentors

  • Kris Bergbom, Office of Student Programs, MCCL Committee Member

For more information, please call: 413-538-2550