Unity Space

Photo of a colorful quilt that hangs in the Unity Center

The Unity Space Mission Statement

As an expression of our commitment to be an inclusive and collaborative community, the Unity Space seeks to be a valued space where students can gather to celebrate and engage in conversations and experiences across their differences. Programs and discussions will include topics that engage students around big ideas, as well as lived experiences.

We envision the Unity Space to be a space for those who gather to feel comfortable and sufficiently empowered to explore questions like: “who I am, who do I want to be, and who do others think I am, and want me to be?” It is our hope that the Unity Space will allow all those who enter to discover and develop the confidence and skills to share their stories and reciprocally to appreciate the stories and experiences of all those who make up our diverse community.

Examples of programs and events which often occur in the Unity Space include:

  • Interfaith Lunch
  • Bi-weekly Cultural Organization Meetings
  • First Generation College Student, Staff, and Faculty Mixers
  • Intergroup Dialogues
For more information about the Unity Space, contact Latrina L. Denson, Associate Dean of Students, Community and Inclusion or Annette McDermott, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life