V(l). Chemical Safety - Summary of Particularly Hazardous Substances


rev 8/2015

The OSHA Laboratory Standard classifies Acute Toxins (Chapter V(h), Select Carcinogens (Chapter V(i)), and Reproductive Toxins (Chapter V(j)) as Particularly Hazardous Substances. Also included are chemicals classified by the Department of Homeland Security as 'chemicals of interest' (Chapter V(a)). Each of those sections contains lists of chemicals that meet the criteria defining those four categories.

The Appendix below is a compilation of those lists. Please remember that the acute toxins and reproductive toxins lists are only examples and that other chemicals not listed can meet the definitions for those hazards. This list is taken directly from the sources referenced in Sections V(a), V(h), V(i), and V(j) and does not take into account relative hazards attributable to chemical form, concentration, toxicity, or length of exposure.


A: Summary Hazardous Substances -Alpha

A: Summary Hazardous Substances -CAS#