V(m). Chemical Safety - Information and Training

Appendix - A

Policy for Training of Student Employees and Research Students

The Safety Handbook requires all student employees, and research students using chemicals in the laboratory or in field work complete a web-based safety training program administered by the Chemical Hygiene Officer. The training describes the requirement of the OSHA Laboratory Standard and the Mount Holyoke College Safety Handbook, and provides information on chemical hazards, handling procedures and emergency procedures as set by OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.1450.

First: The following students must be trained:

  • all students who are Teaching Assistants in labs using hazardous chemicals,
  • all students doing independent laboratory or field research,
  • all students who are employed to work in preparing labs, in the stockrooms, or in faculty labs, and
  • all students who are paid with funds from research grants and are working in the laboratories using chemicals covered by the Safety Handbook.

Second: At the beginning of each semester and of summer research, the Chemical Hygiene Officer sends a list of trained students to the department coordinators [either the Chair of the department or an individual assigned by the Chair].

Third: After collecting information on student research and student employees from the department, the department coordinator sends a list of students who have not been trained to the Chemical Hygiene Officer at the beginning of each semester and of summer research or whenever new students are hired or begin research.

Fourth: The Chemical Hygiene Officer, or her/his designee, will contact the students with training instructions and a training deadline.

Fifth: Those students who are employees of the College and do not complete the safety training before the training deadline will be dismissed from employment.

Sixth: Those students who are engaged in research that requires use of hazardous chemicals and have not completed safety training will be informed by the faculty member that they are not allowed to work in the lab until the safety training has been completed. The Chemical Hygiene Officer will inform the department coordinator that the student has not been trained. Upon notification the student will not be allowed to work in the lab.