X. Exposure Evaluation and Medical Consultation


rev 1/2003

Chemical exposure monitoring is conducted by the Chemical Hygiene Officer when there is reason to believe that exposure levels routinely exceed the OSHA established action level or permissible exposure limit for a specific chemical. Employees with concerns regarding their exposure should contact a member of the Chemical Hygiene Committee or the Chemical Hygiene Officer. In the event of an exposure incident or when a student or employee experiences symptoms of exposure, the Chemical Hygiene Officer should be contacted immediately.

Mount Holyoke College will provide medical consultations for employees under any of the following circumstances.

  1. An employee develops symptoms of exposure.
  2. When chemical exposure monitoring reveals that routine exposures are above the OSHA established action levels or permissible exposure limit and medical surveillance requirements have been established by OSHA for the specific chemical.
  3. When an event, such as a spill, results in the likelihood of hazardous exposure.

Medical consultation services will be provided by a physician chosen by Mount Holyoke College. Employees requesting medical consultation should contact Human Resources (ext. 2503).