The Eco-Reps are enthusiastic student sustainability educators that focus on campus sustainability issues. Through Eco M&Cs, Eco-Hall events, whiteboards in the  dining halls, Newsflush announcements, Eco-Boards in the dorms, and our Facebook page,  we hope to inspire our fellow students to live more sustainably.

We are knowledgeable about numerous topics such as recycling, energy use, and composting. We work with Facilities Management, Dining Services, the Dean of Students, Residential Life, LITS, The Miller Worley Center for the Environment, and the President’s Office. Some of our more recent activities include Eco-Orientation for new students, recycling through the TerraCycle chip brigade and being an organizer of MHC’s first Sustainability Week.

Please contact the Eco-Reps with questions or suggestions. Follow us on Facebook.

Sarah Hastings [Coordinator]

Class of 2015
Major: Environmental Studies & Architecture
Hometown: Braintree, MA
Eco-Rep since Spring 2012
Residence Halls: Blanchard

My hobbies include running, drawing, hiking, and playing the fiddle. I love working for Environmental Stewardship because I want to help my peers adopt environmentally sustainable habits. The Eco-Reps work hard to help keep Mount Holyoke on the path to a more healthy, eco-friendly, and economical future.

Liana Bernt

Class of 2014
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Belmont, MA
Eco-Rep since Fall 2013
Residence Halls: Pearsons, Pearsons Annex, Safford, Brigham  

I am currently a senior majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environment and Development. I have been an active member of the Green Living Council for the last couple of years and I consider being an Eco-rep an opportunity to promote sustainability and greener living on Mount Holyoke's campus.

Daphne Chang

Class of 2016
Major: Undeclared (At the Moment)
Hometown: Beijing, China
Eco-Rep since Fall 2013
Residence Halls: North Rocky, South Rocky, North Creighton, South Creighton

I love hiking, biking, snow boarding and dancing. I feel that the relationship between people and the environment we depend on and interact with is undervalued. As an Eco-Rep, I'm excited to increase awareness of methods to reduce energy consumption and production of waste on campus and in the community. For all the amazing things that nature and this earth have given to us, we ought to respect and preserve it so future generations may enjoy it as we do.

Stuti Devkota

Class of 2017
Intended major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Eco-Rep since Spring 2014
Residence Halls:  Ham, MacGregor, 1837

I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have always enjoyed involving in environment related activities. As an eco rep, my goal is to help the Mount Holyoke community adopt an eco friendly lifestyle.

Aminah McNulty

Class of 2014
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Eco-Rep since Fall 2013
Residence Halls: Prospect, North Mandelle, South Mandelle

I am an Environmental Studies major and Architectural Studies minor. My hobbies include ballet, music, art and language studies. I am thrilled to be an Eco-rep working toward the vision of a sustainable campus!

Marwa Mikati

Class of 2017
Intended major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Hometown: Tripoli, Lebanon
Eco-Rep since Spring 2014
Residence Halls: Torrey, Wilder, Porter 

I am from Beirut, Lebanon. I enjoy reading, playing basketball, and public speaking. I was drawn to becoming an Eco-Rep because I’ve always tried to influence my surrounding at home to become more environmentally aware, and was thrilled to know that I could continue doing that with my peers on campus as well.

Zisiga Mukulu

Class of 2015
Major: Industrial and Sustainable Design
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Eco-Rep since Spring 2014
Residence Halls: Dickinson, Buckland, Abby, Mead 

When I am not swimming, I enjoy sitting with friends and sharing stories. I love design, dancing and food. Being an eco-rep has allowed me the opportunity to be more proactive about environmental sustainability on campus and given the chance to engage with people concerning our environment. 

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