The Eco-Reps are enthusiastic student sustainability educators that focus on campus sustainability issues. Through Eco M&Cs, Eco-Hall events, whiteboards in the  dining halls, Newsflush announcements, Eco-Boards in the halls, and our Facebook page,  we hope to inspire our fellow students to live more sustainably.

We are knowledgeable about numerous topics such as recycling, energy use, and composting. We work with Facilities Management, Dining Services, the Dean of Students, Residential Life, LITS, The Miller Worley Center for the Environment, and the President’s Office. Some of our more recent activities include Eco-Orientation for new students, recycling through the TerraCycle chip brigade and organizing MHC’s War-of-the-Watts competition.

Please contact the Eco-Reps with questions or suggestions. Follow us on Facebook.

Shristi Shrestha [Coordinator]

Class of 2015
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Lalitpur, Nepal
Eco-Rep since Spring 2013

I am an Environmental Studies major and Art minor. Being an Eco-Rep gives me a wonderful opportunity to bridge my interests of encouraging sustainable practices on campus through creative means.

Stuti Devkota

Class of 2017
Intended major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Eco-Rep since Spring 2014
Residence Halls:  Ham, MacGregor, Prospect

I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have always enjoyed being involved in environment related activities. As an eco rep, my goal is to help the Mount Holyoke community adopt an eco friendly lifestyle.

Sarah Hayden

Class of 2015
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Burrillville, Rhode Island
Eco-Rep since Fall 2014
Residence Halls: Safford, Brigham,  Pearsons, Pearsons Annex

I am an Environmental Studies major and Politics minor, and I enjoy cheerleading, reading, and becoming involved in environmental causes. My goal as an Eco-Rep is to inspire sustainable behavior and an eco-friendly lifestyle among members of the Mount Holyoke community.

Menda Karden

Class of 2016
Major: Economics
Hometown: Thimphu, Bhutan
Eco-Rep since Fall 2014
Residence Halls: Dickinson, Buckland, Abby, Mead

I come from a country that places high value on the preservation of its rich natural environment. Due to this, I have always been very interested and committed towards raising awareness and encouraging green living. As an eco-rep, I am given the opportunity to carry this out in our Mount Holyoke community. 

Marwa Mikati

Class of 2017
Intended major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Hometown: Tripoli, Lebanon
Eco-Rep since Spring 2014
Residence Halls: Torrey, Wilder, Porter

I am from Beirut, Lebanon. I enjoy reading, playing basketball, and public speaking. I was drawn to becoming an Eco-Rep because I’ve always tried to influence my surrounding at home to become more environmentally aware, and was thrilled to know that I could continue doing that with my peers on campus as well.

Lucy Nuzum

Class of 2017
Major: Biology
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Eco-Rep since Fall 2014
Residence Halls: North and South Mandelle, 1837 

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I am studying Biology and Spanish with an interest in medicine. Some of my hobbies include horse riding and geocaching. I try my best to always be environmentally conscious, and as an Eco-rep I hope to influence the Mount Holyoke community to do the same.

Chioma Omeogu

Class of 2017
Intended Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Georgia, USA
Eco-Rep since Fall 2014
Residence Halls: North and South Rockefeller, Creighton 

I'm an American with Nigerian Heritage. When I was in High School in Nigeria, I started an Environmental club due to my passion for nature. Since I came to Mount Holyoke I've wanted an opportunity to create more awareness on how we can all live an improved, eco-friendly life and I'm so happy to be able to do that now as an Eco-Rep, with my fellow MoHomies!