The Eco-Reps are enthusiastic student sustainability educators that focus on campus sustainability issues. Through Eco M&Cs, Eco-Hall events, whiteboards in the  dining halls, Newsflush announcements, Eco-Boards in the halls, and our Facebook page,  we hope to inspire our fellow students to live more sustainably.

We are knowledgeable about numerous topics such as recycling, energy use, and composting. We work with Facilities Management, Dining Services, the Dean of Students, Residential Life, LITS, The Miller Worley Center for the Environment, and the President’s Office. Some of our more recent activities include Eco-Orientation for new students, recycling through the TerraCycle chip brigade and organizing MHC’s War-of-the-Watts competition.

Please contact the Eco-Reps with questions or suggestions. Follow us on Facebook.

Whitney Lapic

Eco-Rep Coordinator

Class of 2018
Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania
Eco-Rep since Fall 2015


Aizpea Murphy

Class of 2018
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Oakland, California
Eco-Rep since Fall of 2016

 I love practicing and teaching others about sustainable and green living. I'm particularly passionate about zero-waste living and making safer and greener choices when it comes to personal care products. I hope to inspire the MHC community to make more sustainable and green choices in their everyday lives.

Shannon Seigal

Class of 2019
Intended Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Reading, Massachusetts
Eco-Rep since Fall 2015

 I enjoy travelling the world, and my passions lie in sustainable development and environmental nonprofits. As an Eco-Rep, I hope to share my passions with the student body and demonstrate that everone can take small steps to improve the state of our environment.

Michelle Song

Class of 2017
Major: Critical Social Thought
Hometown: Shenzhen, China
Eco-Rep since Fall 2015

I'm passionate about exploring different ways to achieve sustainable living. Being an Eco-Rep allows me to take my personal passion to the next level. I hope to help encourage my community to minimize wastes and consume consciously.