War of the Watts

Eco-reps with the WOW winner's poster

The Eco-Reps, the Green Living Council and Facilities Management bring you War of the Watts, Mount Holyoke's inter-hall electricity conservation competition. The residence hall that reduces its electricity use the most wins an exclusive dessert bar.

Who will win?

The residence hall (or combined halls) that have the greatest electricity use reduction over the two weeks of February 14th through the 28th. Energy use for both weeks will be compared to the use in the hall (or combined halls) from a baseline week. There will also be activities for bonus points taking place throughout the War of the Watts.

Competing Halls

  • 1837
  • Abbey
  • Brigham
  • Buckland
  • Creighton
  • Dickinson
  • Ham
  • MacGregor
  • North and South Mandelle
  • Mead
  • Pearsons & Pearsons Annex     
  • Porter
  • Prospect
  • North and South Rockefeller
  • Safford
  • Torrey
  • Wilder

Last Year's Winners

1st Mandelle - 7.69% 

2nd Mead - 4.35%

3rd Safford - 4% 

Let's see if we can do even better this year!

What can we do to win?

Tip #1 — Turn off lights and computers when you leave a room and in common areas.
Lights are the largest consumer of electricity in a typical dorm room.

Tip #2 — Turn of your computer, printer, etc. when not in use.

Tip #3 — Adjust your mini-fridge’s temperature to the middle range to save energy.
Or better yet, share fridge space with friends, and unplug a fridge!

Tip #4 — Give the elevators a break.
Think of all the energy they take! Plus, walking is faster than waiting.

Tip #5 — Use the “BRIGHTS” cold-water setting when you do laundry!
“Water heating consumes about 90% of the energy it takes to operate a clothes washer. Unless you’re dealing with oily stains, washing in cold water will generally do a good job of cleaning.”   -Energystar.gov

Tip #6 — Chargers are sneaky energy drains. 
They waste energy just from being hooked up to the wall. So unplug them when your aren't charging!

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