2015 Senior Symposium

History majors will be presenting their work at the 2015 Senior Symposium.

12:45PM Session in Reese 316

"Imagined Landscapes: Geography, Identity, and Gender in the Early American Republic," Emily Wells '15

"'The Children Shall Lead Us': A Study of Children in the Civil Rights Movement," Emily Christensen Stone '15

"Braceros, Undocumented Immigrants, and Mexican-Americans: Spanish-Speaking Solidarity under 'La Raza Unida,' 1944-1975," Kristin Campbell Johnson '15

2:00PM Session in Reese 316

"Understanding the Formation of Turkish Identity under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk," Nooria Puri '15

"The Efforts of Frances Perkins to Aid Refugees from Nazi Germany," Rebecca Brenner '15