2015 Senior Symposium: Sessions by Economics Majors

Schedule for the 2015 Senior Symposium: Sessions by Economics Majors.

12:45 Sessions

Can Redistributive Transfers Make Society as a Whole Better-Off? Analyzing the Equity-Efficiency Trade-Off (PDF)
Binderiya Byambasuren '15

Free Cash Flow Anomaly in Large Cap Corporations (PDF)
Shristi Ghimire '15

RISE on Staten Island: Addressing Racial and Geographic Disparities through Youth-Led Social Justice Programs (PDF)
Melanie J. Wilkerson '15

2:00pm Sessions

The State of Midwifery in Bangladesh (PDF)
Anjum Noor Choudhury '15

Ethnic Diversity and the Provision of Public Goods in Sri Lanka
Priyanka Krishnamoorthy '15

Investigating Neoclassical Economics: The Influence of Media and Advertising on Youth Fashion Consumption (PDF)
Tejumolu Temilolu Onabajo '15

An Empirical Study of Sex Selective Abortion in Nepal: Can Women's Empowerment Overpower Cultural Biases? (PDF)
Arati Sharma '15

Evaluating Cash Transfer Programs in Brazil: The Effects on Labor Supply (PDF)
Pamela Mazini Sturmer '15

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