Molecular Photography: What can you learn from a handful of photons?

With the development of the smart-phone over the last 8 years, we have witnessed an extraordinary revolution in the capture, processing, and transmission of digital photographic (still and video) data. While we take for granted the photography of everyday macroscopic objects (ourselves, other people, various foods, etc.), photographic imaging of molecular-sized objects is a much more challenging task with respect to both image capture and interpretation of the digital data. In this talk, Professor Michael D. Barnes Phd. will describe some of the experimental methodologies for molecular imaging with light, and highlight some of our recent work on two different “super-molecule” hybrid systems: core-shell quantum-dots, and crystalline nanowires of organic semiconductors. These two examples are relevant to solar energy harvesting applications, and illustrate nicely some of the things you can learn from a handful of photons.

About the Speaker:  Professor Michael D. Barnes, Ph.D. is from the Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst