The 7 secrets to Getting Hired at Top Companies (that no one tells you)

Google published research last year as proof that a high GPA is not correlated with high performance in entry level talent. If employers no longer care about GPA, what are the signals that employers look for to find top entry level talent? Koru will reveal the seven competencies employers care about most when hiring interns and full time students right out of college. Koru will share foolproof ways on how Mount Holyoke women can demonstrate these core competencies to employers. In this workshop you will get coached on what it takes to nail your interview questions, ensure your resume stands out, and how to rise quickly in the organization from day one. Workshop open to everyone. Sponsored by Women in Business. Please RSVP.

About Koru

Koru is the industry leader in career advancement, training and employability. Named Geekwire 2015 Startup of the Year, Koru partners with hundreds of top companies and non - profit organizations like Facebook, Linkedin, Thinkwell and Mckinsey to help them identify and train top entry level talent. Koru partners with over 40 colleges including Mt Holyoke, Amherst, and Williams to give liberal arts graduates the skills, networks, mentorship and real work experience to land jobs with top employers.

About Elizabeth Kelton

Director of Marketing and College Partnerships, Elizabeth is passionate about innovation, growing companies and helping young people excel in their careers. Elizabeth began her career in investment banking at Barclays Capital in New York where she worked in the leveraged finance group. She then moved to HubSpot where she worked as a growth consultant for over 60 marketing agencies. Elizabeth is now at Koru where she oversees all strategy, marketing, and partnerships with higher education institutions. Elizabeth received her bachelor's degree from Colby College where she majored in Government and International Studies and her MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.