Data Science: Gauging forest and trees with an eye to the landscape

When people look at a data visualization or listen to a tune, each individual's accumulated experience shapes how much they perceive and remember. Anna Gillman PhD. will first outline her work relating video game experience to task demands in an interactive network visualization. She will then articulate how combining behavioral measures with EEG/ERP data is changing our understanding of the global-local distinction, one of the proposed mechanisms for cognitive changes arising from music training. In addition, Gillman will highlight how her industry work in knowledge representation and data mining informs her teaching and research. Talk begins at 4:10.

Some sorts of expertise, such as bird watching, primarily change perception within the practiced domain: identifying birds. In contrast, expertise built by playing video games or studying a musical instrument makes broader changes in how people view scenes, hear sounds, and solve problems. Cognitive scientists grapple with developing appropriate measures and models for moment-by-moment evidence of long-term expertise.