Next Generation Social Science

Trillions of data points being generated in real time and exponentially increasing computational power offer unprecedented opportunities for the social sciences. The social sciences are at the advent of a revolution. Hard scientists, the government, and businesses already use these computational and data resources to explore society; conventional social scientists need to engage as well. The Challenge is to not let Next Generation Social Science be First Generation Social Science.

Next Generation Social Science will:

  • not only exploit these resources but will open a live dialogue with crowdsourced populations and will conduct experiments with millions of people across the Internet, while not letting readily available answers eclipse important questions. 
  • will use simulations to operationalize theoretical models and next generation statistics to ground atypical samples and will visualize findings in ways that both intrigue and inform.
  • as never before, translate theories into empirically falsifiable hypothetical predictions and will generate studies which can be both replicated and reproduced.