Voices from Europe: The Rise of the Right and the Aftermath of the US Elections

We see populism, nationalism and the rise of right-wing tensions across the Atlantic. Who falls for these populist narratives and why? What role will right wing parties play in the future? What are the consequences of their rise for transnational relations in Germany, Russia, and France? Moderated by Julia Kellerbauer '18, our guest panel includes Yuvel Weber, Russian and Eurasian Studies Professor and Scholar from Harvard; Ruxandra Paul, Professor of Political Science from Amherst College; and Julian Voje, Political Advisor to Dr. Andreas Nick, Member of the German Parliment. The panel will tackle these pressing questions and discuss the rise of right-wing movements in Germany, Russia, and France. Refreshments provided, free and open to the public.

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Yuvel Weber

Assistant Professor at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics

Yuval Weber

Yuval Weber is a Davis Senior Scholar at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University.  He joined the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs from the University of Texas, where he defended his dissertation “Petropolitics and Foreign Policy: Fiscal and Institutional Origins of Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy, 1964-2012” in August 2014. Dr. Weber has served as a researcher at the Carnegie Moscow Center and New Economic School, and previously earned a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago. Dr. Weber has forthcoming publications in Survival, Cold War Studies, and Orbis, and is working on a project on the sources of liberal and anti-liberal dissatisfaction for powers in the international system and the strategies they employ to stake their claims for revising the international order.

Ruxandra Paul

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Amherst College

Ruxandra Paul

Specializing in European Studies and Political Science, Ruxandra Paul's research analyzes the political and societal impact of globalization, supranational integration, and increasingly porous borders. Paul explores the political phenomena associated with a world in which people's experiential space no longer coincides with national space, and there is a mismatch between the boundaries of social, political and economic life, and those of the nation-state. Publication include "Welfare Without Borders: Unpacking the Bases of Transnational Social Protection for International Migrants,” (2016 Oxford Development Studies).

Julian Voje

Political Advisor to Dr. Andreas Nick, Member of the German Parliament

Julian Voje

Julian Voje earned his PhD in Bonn (Topic: Afghanistan’s geostrategic significance for America, continuity, and change from 1979-2008).  He served as a researcher at the University of Texas, Austin and studied Political Science, Economics and Modern History at Bonn University and the Universidad Léon, Spain. Voje is a Co-founder and member of the editorial team of the security policy journal “International Magazine for Security”, including various publications, interviews and background discussions. His areas of expertise include security policy, geopolitics, Afghanistan, US-American foreign policy, transatlantic relations. Voje is also a member of the Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts.