Earth Adventures

Steve Trombulak from Middlebury College will give a talk: "Educating for Sustainability: Active Learning Concepts and the Middlebury School of the Environment" 

Please join us for a great talk and a pizza lunch!

The Middlebury School of the Environment (MSoE) is a six-week summer program in Vermont focused on interdisciplinary environmental studies coursework coupled with leadership training to help students develop both an integrated view of environmental issues as well as the skills to do something positive with that information.  The MSoE runs from June 23 to August 4, offering credit equivalent to three courses, and financial aid is available.  Core courses focus on sustainability, systems thinking, energy, and place-based perspectives, along with electives in video production, environmental chemistry, wicked environmental problems, and ethics. Dr. Trombulak’s presentation will highlight some of the active learning techniques for sustainability practicums which help students gain the skills needed to identify critical challenges for achieving sustainability and creatively developing solutions to meet those challenges.

Steve Trombulak is the director of the Middlebury School of the Environment, as well as a professor in both their Program in Environmental Studies and Department of Biology.