Pía Barros: "Women Write Back: Feminist Political Activism Through Literary Production"

The Department of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies Invites you for a conversation with acclaimed Chilean writer, publisher and feminist activist, Pía Barros.

For more than thirty years Pía Barros has combined literary talents with staunch feminist and pro-democratic politics to fight against institutional and cultural patriarchy. In the 1980s she and other Chilean women writers, including Mt. Holyoke’s own Eliana Ortega, organized an international conference on women’s literature in Santiago in defiance of Chile’s misogynist military government that had outlawed such gatherings. Barros is founder and director of the feminist writing collective, Ergo Sum, and the independent publishing house, Asterión Ediciones. Her acclaimed literary oeuvre includes the anthology of short stories, The Place of the Other, the 2011 recipient of Chile’s esteemed Altazor Prize.