What Can I Do With a Language Major?

The Classics and Romance Language (French, Italian, Spanish) Departments invite you to meet their Alumnae and hear about their careers and professional lives.


Alumnae Include:

Allison Arbib '06, French and Politics Major, Manager at Verite (International NGO)

Sophia Spector' 15, Italian and Anthropology Major, Language Teacher and MA-Tesol Student

Flynn Vickowski '14, Spanish and Neuroscience Major, Research on Fulbright in Peru

Amelia Neumayer '16, Romance Languages and Politics Major, Associate at Human Rights Watch (International NGO)

Katherine (Flachs) Wojnowich '06, Classics (Pre-Med), Physician (Family Medicine)

Reception to follow.  Departments faculty, CDC staff and majors will be available to answer questions.