Documentaries, Victims and Reparation: Investigative Journalism as a Tool for Recovering Historical Memory

Join us for a talk with Investigative Journalist Montserrat Armengou who will discuss why investigative journalist have to step in where the state has failed, in Spain and around the worlld. The work of Catalan investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker, Monserrat Armengou, has revealed unknown aspects of the repression of Franco's dictatorship in Spain. Montserrat Armengou is currently the Visiting Chair at the King Juan Carlos Center at NYU.

Sponsored by: the Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies, History, and Film Studies Departments at Mount Holyoke.  The Modern European Studies Program, Spanish/Protuguese Program, and Languages, Literature, and Culture Department of UMass. The Spanish Department of Amherst College. The Five College Lecture Fund.