BOOM: Building On Our Momentum Learning Conference, March 26–27

BOOM is a learning conference featuring a series of events centered on the experience of conversation and community engagement. Sessions are designed by members of the community for the entire community and will meet participants where they are in their learning and comfort in engaging in sessions on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Understand difference. Ask hard questions. Plan to act.

Mount Holyoke’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative is your opportunity to help create a shared vision for our inclusive community. What does that mean? It means answering the call put forth by Acting President Sonya Stephens and the Plan for Mount Holyoke 2021 to advance “an environment of mutual respect in which all thrive and contribute to the flourishing of others.” It means building on past ideas and accomplishments and generating new ones. Confronting what we do well and where we fall short. Together.

One way to do this is to focus. Put aside other deadlines and obligations and commit to a community-wide learning conference: Building on our Momentum. BOOM! Classes cancelled. Campus offices closed. Freedom for students, faculty and staff to participate. Join us March 26–27.

“This is not a day off, but rather a day on, to address how we can best work together as a community.” — Acting President Stephens

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