Ines Bancila '13, Alumna Advisor for the Day (Former Econ Major)

Meet an alum and learn from their experiences in one-on-one session! Ines is a senior analyst at Vistaprint. She previously held positions at Kantar Retail after graduating with a degree in Economics from Mount Holyoke. Submit an application to LyonNet.

More about Ines:

Ines Bancila '13

Senior Analyst, Vistaprint

Ines Bancila ’13 majored in Economics and minored in Psychology, after discovering a passion for buyer behavior and marketing strategy. On campus, she was a member of ISOC, a tutor and liaison for the Economics department, and a C.V Starr and Sarah Williston Scholar.

Since graduating Magna cum laude, Ines has held several different roles in management consulting, marketing analytics, and insights. She began her career at Kantar Retail, where she analyzed and interpreted large data sets to identify best practices for Fortune 100 CPG manufacturers.
Two years later, she joined the analytics center of excellence at Vistaprint, Cimpress as a marketing efficiency and optimization analyst. She was tasked with rethinking the company’s attribution model to identify which marketing channels deserved credit for customer orders, and developed a Bayesian probability model to identify marketing partners that would be inefficient in upcoming months.

In June, 2016, Ines joined the Vistaprint customer and competitive insights team as a senior analyst, and has since been supporting marketing and strategy stakeholders. Her passion lies in combining transactional data with qualitative customer information, and transforming big data into actionable insights.