A conversation with Pete Muller and Donna Ferrato: Violence, Gender, and the Photographic Medium

Join photographers Donna Ferrato and Pete Muller (Cyrus Vance Professor of International Relations) as they reflect on their respective work on gender and violence, intergenerational mentorship, and how they use their craft to shift the conversation. Come to hear this incredible conversation and mix over refreshments afterward. Free and open to the public.

In the 1980's, photographer Donna Ferrato shocked the world with her intimate knowledge and harrowing images of domestic violence in the United States. Her work was a rallying cry for increased awareness and enhanced protection for women. Decades later, inspired by Ferrato's work, photographer Pete Muller began exploring what he sees as a corresponding element: the relationship between men, masculinity, and violence.

Sponsored by The Department of International Relations, Nexus in Journalism, and the Weissman Center for Leadership.