Nighttime Nidra: Deep Guided Relaxation

Rejuvenate and destress with Kerry Ouimette. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a sleeping bag, blanket, and/or yoga mat.

Nighttime Nidra (also known as "Yogic Sleep") is a wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself by providing relief from sleep issues, anxiety, stress, and depression and leaving you with a sense of restoration. All you have to do is lie there and let Kerry guide you to complete mental, physical, and emotional relaxation. 

What to Expect: A brief explanation of yoga nidra, which is a guided relaxation best experienced while lying down, followed by 45 minutes of yoga nidra with some time to ease back into the evening. 

What to Wear: Comfortable, cozy clothing for warmth and relaxation.

What to Bring: BYOC Bring Your Own Comforts. A sleeping bag or blanket (maybe two if you like to be cozier), a yoga mat/towel for an extra layer underneath you, and/or an eye pillow of even a dry face cloth to fold and place over your eyes. Comfort/warmth is beneficial for Yoga Nidra, so please bring some variation of the suggested items. 

Kerry Ouimette is a Frances Perkins Scholar. In addition to studying at Mt. Holyoke, Kerry teaches and practices mindfulness strategies to manage life stress and to work toward life balance. If you have questions or would like more information, contact Kerry at