Intergroup Dialogue - Exploring Race and Racism in the United States Fall 2017

What is Intergroup Dialogue?

Intergroup dialogue is "a facilitated, face-to-face encounter that strives to create new levels of understanding, relating and action between two or more social identity groups who have a history of conflict or potential conflict" (Zúñiga & Nagda, 2003).


Intergroup Dialogue at Mount Holyoke College

The Mount Holyoke College Intergoup Dialogue Weekend Course: Exploring Race and Racism in the United States is designed to encourage students to develop skills for exploring differences and commonalities in diverse social settings. Specifically, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of intergroup dialogue as a practice for addressing social justice issues, and practice key dialogic skills
  • Increase awareness of themselves as individuals and as members of social groups through exploring commonalities and differences
  • Address the impact of individual, group, and institutional racism on race/ethnic relations in a US context and at Mt Holyoke College
  • Identify actions that foster positive and socially just relations across different social identities among students who attend Mount Holyoke College

In this intergroup dialogue, students will actively participate in two days (16 hours) of semi-structured, face-to-face meetings with students from other social identity groups. Students will learn from each other’s' perspectives, read and discuss relevant reading material, and explore their own and other groups’ experiences in various social and institutional contexts. Students will also explore ways of taking action to create change and bridge differences at the interpersonal and social/community levels. This weekend dialogue experience may be taken for academic credit (1) or non-credit.

This course is a prerequisite to an 8 week STUDENT FACILITATOR TRAINING COURSE Spring 2018, designed for students interested in learning how to facilitate intergroup dialogues. Students who participate in the 8 week course will pre-qualify to co-facilitate Fall 2018 Intergroup Dialogues.

We are pleased to offer the Intergroup Dialogue Weekend Course twice this semester, November 4-5 and November 18-19.  



Monday, October 9, 2017, 5:00pm.

*PLEASE NOTE: Students may only register for one weekend dialogue.*