Interfaith Lunch: Faith Engagement & Social Justice

This week's guests are Rev. Steph Smith from Cathedral in the Night and Tara Parrish from the Pioneer Valley Project. These local organizations are dedicated to fighting inequality and building community. Join us for a lively discussion of ways we can engage faith to work for justice. 

Cathedral in the Night is an outdoor Christian community in downtown Northampton, MA which seeks to create a safe place for all people: the homeless, the housed, the church-less, the churched, the student and the resident to explore, question and live out their spiritual beliefs; to gather for a meal and to empower one another to engage in issues of social justice by working to fight the causes of inequality and homelessness.

Pioneer Valley Project organizes around the issues that matter most in our community and we win concrete changes that improve people’s lives.  PVP offers each of us an opportunity to do something about what we say is important to us and make sure our voices are heard.  PVP strengthens our democracy and strengthens our community.