Physics Career Panel

• Are you wondering what jobs you could get with a physics major after graduation?
• Is going directly into the workforce right for you?

Join us as physics alumnae share their career path and answer your questions about life after  MHC.

We are excited to have four physics alumnae in very different career paths share their stories.

Jessie Freese '13

Jessie Freese

Jessie Freese is an Applications Engineer and Assistant Crystal Growth Scientist at Inrad Optics, Inc. Her work primarily consists of x-ray characterization, high temperature Czochralski growth of lithium niobate single crystals, and tech support and analysis of electro-optical and non-linear optical systems.

Waad Kahouli '15

Waad Kahouli

Waad Kahouli is an R&D Engineer at Norwich Technologies. She works on developing solar receivers for Concentrated Solar Power applications. She also manages projects to develop solutions to increase the power output for PV panels. Waad graduated from Mount Holyoke with a degree in Physics in 2015 and from Dartmouth College with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2016.

Sarah Dole '12

Sarah Dole

Sarah majored in physics and minored in mathematics at Mount Holyoke College.Upon graduating, she joined Global Foundries for four years, where she worked as a yield and integration engineer for their integrated circuit manufacturing facilities in New York and Singapore.  She is currently a technology entrepreneur for MAS Innovation in Sri Lanka, a division of MAS Holdings.Sarah works in the office of the Chief Technology Officer where she is leading the intellectual property team, supporting technology strategy and project managing external technology strategy related projects with universities and R&D institutes.  She also consults for a leading hospitality group in Maldives looking at intersecting technology with tourism and coral regeneration.

A citizen of the world and nerd at heart, she is fuelled by her curiosity of comprehending science and technologies that can create the next 10X and exploring the unknown.

Kimberly Finn '13

Kimberly Finn

Kimberly graduated Mount Holyoke in 2013 with a dual degree in astronomy and physics.She studied T-Tauri stars at Smith and was a collaborating author on a publication in the Astrophysical Journal.She currently works as a physics and engineering teacher at Avon Old Farms School, an all-boys college preparatory high school in Connecticut.She lives with her husband, two cats, and dog.