Rescinding Deferred Action for Childhool Arrivals (DACA): Impacts & Strategies for Educators

An interactive presentation which will provide a short overview of the DACA program, who is affected, why, and how. Strategies for educators, focusing on providing safe learning and nurturing spaces for all our children, and specific resources for community members will be shared. This session will also include opportunities for participants to engage with the presenters.

Eduardo Samaniego-Amaya

Photo of Eduardo Samaniego-Amaya

Eduardo Samaniego-Amaya is an organizer with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center building power with youth, immigrant and low wage workers and a Hampshire College Student Trustee. As an immigrant himself, he has worked at both the local and national level advocating for the Dream Act before DACA, then DACA and now immigration reform. He concentrates on federal regulation but also local policies that affect diverse immigrant populations. Much of his work has also been to advocate for access to education for undocumented youth.

Alicia Lopez

Photo of Alicia Lopez

Alicia Lopez is an ELL teacher and assistant principal at Amherst Regional Middle School. This is her 22nd year of teaching. Alicia is a member of the Western Mass. Writing Project, and uses writing often in her teaching. She often reflects on teaching and education through her blog, . She is in the process of co-authoring a book about teaching across generations with her mother. She received her B.A. in French and Anthropology at Wellesley College and her Master’s in Bilingual, Multicultural and ESL Education at the University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Marta Guevara

Photo of Dr. Marta Guevara

Dr. Marta Guevara joined the district in 1999 as a Spanish teacher at Amherst Regional High School. Since that time, she has served in various roles including Assistant Principal of ARHS, Student Services Administrator and as a District Director. Dr. Guevara has been a member of the MSAN Research Practitioners Council for the past 10 years, presenting at various conferences for both adults and students. She holds an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Grace Cornell Gonzales

Photo of Grace Cornell Gonzales

Grace Cornell Gonzales is a bilingual educator who has taught at the elementary level in Oakland, San Francisco, and Guatemala City. She is currently located in Seattle, Washington, where she is works as the submissions editor for Rethinking Schools magazine. She is the co-editor of Rethinking Bilingual Education, published in 2017.