The Artist's Way

Creativity, Inspiration & Building Confidence

A free 12-week seminar to help rekindle your creativity, inspire you, remove artistic blocks and foster confidence. We will meet as artists to encourage each other, discuss a chapter from the book, and encourage one another's dreams.  

Dates to be announced.

Participants will need to access a copy of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity during the course (any edition is fine). 

To get you started here is a link to the first chapters: Spiritual Electricity: The Basic Principles and the Basic Tools   Please read and do the exercises in Chapter 1 prior to to the first session date.  Each week we will go through another chapter.

While the book talks about connecting spirituality and creativity, the seminar is open to people of any - or no - religious or spiritual background.  

We hope you will join us!  Be sure to register.