Lakshmi Padmanabhan: "Otherness Machines: Postcolonial Feminist Experiments with the Moving Image"

Digital Arts Spring Lecture Series

Key interventions in documentary film and photography have illustrated the complicity of the camera in projects of colonial capture, and the disciplinary function of the image. Please join us in welcoming Lakshmi Padmanabhan from Brown University as she discusses her ongoing research into the understudied archive of feminist documentary photography and experimental video that emerged in India in the 1980s, in a period of rapid political change. This talk chronicles their repurposing of visual technology toward experiments in postcolonial feminist aesthetics. 

Through close readings of works by queer and feminist artists including Sheba Chhacchi, and Tejal Shah, this talk argues for the radical potential of the image to index moments of stasis, producing scenes of postcolonial feminist rest and care in the midst of fights for political and aesthetic representation.