2018 Barrett Lecture: "Trust: A Resource We Need More Than We Know"

Elke Schmitter

Please join us for the 2018 Edeltraut P. Barrett Memorial Lecture, featuring Elke Schmitter, author, cultural editor of Der Spiegel, and 2018 Max Kade Visiting Professor of German at Vanderbilt University.  Ms. Schmitter's novel Frau Sartoris (Mrs. Sartoris, 2000) has been translated into thirteen languages.  Her most recent novel is Hanns Zischler: Galerie der Namenlosen (Hans Zischler: Gallery of the Nameless, 2013).  Her talk is entitled "Trust: A Resource We Need More Than We Know."

Abstract: Trust is something we rely on in all aspects of our lives, including the economical, political, and personal. We need it to grow up as human beings. We need it for orientation and for thinking sensibly. Like the air we breathe we start reflecting on the resource of trust when, all of the sudden, it feels limited. Now might be the right time to do so.