Music Technology and Creative Career Strategies

Guest Artist/Speaker Series + Q&A

Wilson Brown, the Executive Creative Director of the innovative audio and music production company, Antfood will give a music tech, media scoring and production masterclass at 10:30 am, followed by a creative career strategies/entrepreneurship talk at noon in the Warbeke Room in Pratt Hall. Pizza at the noon event. For more info, please contact Thomas Ciufo.
  • Music Technology Master Class (10:30-11:30am), Wilson will talk about and demo some of the wide-ranging projects he has been involved in and will discuss approaches, techniques and challenges involved in creative music production and sound design.
  • Creative Career Strategies and Music Entrepreneurship series (12-1pm), Wilson will discuss his creative work, as well as the entrepreneurial aspects of creating his own career path and running his own company.

Wilson Brown

Executive Creative Director, Antfood Creative Audio Studios

Music Technology and Creative Career Strategies

Wilson is a talented musician, composer, creative director and multimedia artist. After receiving a B.A. and M.A. from Brown University, he started the company Antfood. Antfood is a creative audio, music and sound design studio based in Brooklyn (with offices in São Paulo and Amsterdam). His work has been honored at Cannes, Sundance, the Oscars, the Emmys, and most recently, the Grammys.