A Performance of Yue Opera's Excerpts: Cross-Culture and Cross-Gender

Two Chinese Yue Opera leading artists, Jun'an Wang (a male lead) and Qi Tao (a female lead) will perform three excerpts from two Yue Opera classics, Searching for and Probing the Wife and Liu Yi Delivers a Letter for the Dragon King's Daughter. Yue Opera, the second most popular traditional theater in China, is predominately all female cast, featured with cross-gender acting, and focuses on women's concerns and issues.

The performance will combine a cross-gender performance with a “show and tell” where a student will give an oral presentation of Yue Opera history, role type, repertoire and stage convention. The two actresses Jun’an Wang and Qi Tao will be showcasing doing makeup and acting in gender/roles types.

Free and open to the public.

Sponsored by: The Asian Studies Program, Department of Theatre Arts, Nexus Program and the Embedded Practitioner Fund

Jun’an Wang

Photo of Jun’an Wang

Qi Tao

Photo of Qi Tao