The Carpentry/Lock Team (5 Carpenters, 2 Carpenter Locksmiths, 1 Locksmith and 1 Supervisor ) has responsibility for a broad collection of concerns both inside and outside of more than fifty buildings on campus.

The team provides maintenance and services typically expected of an institutional Carpentry Department: repairing window and doors; sheet rock and plaster repairs; replacing ceiling and floor tiles; installing work stations, cabinetry, window treatments, roof repairs; gutter and downspout repairs; and nearly everything associated with keeping an building weather tight.

Beyond that, because they are a very skilled and productive team, the department tackles major renovations and construction when their schedule will permit.  The renovation of residence hall bathrooms is a recurring example of this.
Additionally, the department has a level of craftsmanship and equipment that allow it to do fine cabinet work.  For instance the cabinet shop was chosen to manufacture all of the solid cherry furnishings in the twenty overnight rooms at the Willits-Hallowell Center at a great savings to the College.

The more than two million square feet of Campus buildings include some eight thousand doors, all of which have locks.  Not only are those locks maintained, rekeyed, and sometimes replaced by the locksmithing group ,but many are being converted to the new keyless, wireless, card reading security system by the same team.

It deserves mentioning that masonry work is also a responsibility of this talented group. In recent years this group has been involved with the brick repointing of nearly all of the 100 year old residence halls.  And, as masonry challenges come up throughout the year this team meets that challenge.  These challenges can be particularly interesting when it comes to matching century old bricks, brownstones, and mortar in an effort to proved seamless repairs.

The College is fortunate to have the collective talents of a very accomplished team of craftsmen who bring to their work both an appreciation of our campus’s unique architecture and a dedication to preserving those distinctive qualities for the next generation.